Manjoume Jun

Age: 15

Deck Type: Hell Deck & V to Z deck /  Level Up / Ojama

Signature Card: VWXYZ Dragon / Armed Dragon Level 7

Card 'partner':  Ojama Yellow (Green and Black, and a host of others, depending the episode.)

Dorm: Obelisk Blue. Placed in Osiris Red after leaving and then returning to the school.

Info: Manjoume is cocky and arrogant and looks down on everyone. Under pressure from his brothers and himself, Manjoume strives to be the best and finds it infuriating to be repeatedly beaten by Juudai's laid back dueling.  He seems to attract the bizarre side of life and be constantly ground underfoot, but manages to suffer through it all with dignity as well as a bit of lunacy. He is also the most in touch with the Duel Monsters World, having near constant interaction with the Ojama Trio as well as many other Duel Monsters that follow him around and reside in his room.

Likes: Asuka, having his own way.

Dislikes: Carots, Juudai, loosing.

Voice Actor: Taiki Matsuno

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