Name: Honda Hiroto
Name Meaning: Honda is a comon last name made from the kanji for book and rice feild. Hiroto is always written in katakana with no kanji.
Known Family: Has a nephew, Gorgie, who is his sister's son.  and he has a dog.
Physical: Height: 180 cm, Weight: 65 kg
Birthdate: April 19
Blood Type: A
Personality: Confident and somtimes cocky, he's the unoffical big brother of the group.
General: Honda is very much the type to want to be the hero. He's always wanting to protect his friends and has the need to do something. [Example, in both the anime and the manga he goes on a quest in Pegasus's castle to rescue the Kaiba brothers and in the anime also goes seaching in the middle of the night to find out how Pegasus is cheating.]
Favorite Card: Commander
Playing Skill: Poor/Unknown.  Honda doesn't really play Duel Monsters, even though he owns some cards. He's shown dueling once in the anime in eps 105 and 106 where he looses trying to protect Shizuka from loosing.

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