Name: Jounouchi Katsuya
Name Meaning:
Family: Parents are divorced. Lives with his dad. Has a younger sister, Shizuka
Physical: Blond hair, brown eyes. 2nd tallest of the main group.
Personality: A combination of utterly full of himself and feeling inadequate (almost manic/depressive). Very rash and boastful, but when faced with something he can't beat, he crumbles into a defeated mode where he feels he's worthless.
General: Jounouchi is very much a teenager, yet often has a lot of responcibility on his shoulders that forces him to be an adult.  He's very self sacrificing and has to have reasons for doing things else he can't accomplish them (for example, in Duelist Kingdom, it was to win the money for his sister's operation and in Battle City, it was to become a true duelist.) For the right cause, he can overcome any obstacle, he just needs to be reminded of his cause whenever things look poor.
Favorite Cards:
First: Honou no Kenshin [Flame Swordsman]
Later: Red eyes Black Dragon
Playing Skill: Starts out very poor and gets increasingly better as the series progresses. On his way to becoming a top level player.

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