Title: Ugoki dashita inbou

Translation: Moving Conspiracy

Major event/duel:  Battle vs computer ends, Kaiba Grand Prix starts.

In Brief:  After defeating the dueling computer set on it's highest level with a bottle level deck, Yuugi and his yami get to see the bizzar cast of the 'world's best duelists' that we have amazingly never heard of before and that are almost all adults.


Ep starts, Rick is hiding behind YYuugi "Yuugi-san..."

Yami Yuugi: Don't worry, just leave it to me.

Otogi comments that Yuugi is good, but the deck... Honda adds that the computer is on the hardest level. Anzu: "Yuugi..."

The kid closest to Anzu cries for her mother and all the rest follow. Anzu tries to assure her it'll be okay saying more or less Yuugi can do it. Leon very cutely chimes in going that that's the duel king, Mutou Yuugi, he doesn't lose. Kid: "Really..?" Leon: *nods emphatically*

Brief conversation tween Jouno and Rebecca, ending in her saying 'we must believe in Yuugi'

Yami Yuugi declares his turn and draws. Looks over his hand and, predictably, it sucks. It's all monsters. Defence card, commentary on it been weak, switch scenes!

Kaiba has apparently built KC tower in America as well and it pans up before showing Kaiba, still in his white suit on his computer [actually typing instead of just his usual mouseness although I'll be damned if I know what he's typing ON as the screen is blank with just a KC logo tiled background.] A screen pops up and he has a "What is this?" before it shows him Yami Yuugi dueling. Camera switches to the assembled watchers and Kaiba goes "Mokuba!"

Jeek's castle has moved to be less in the forest now as the camera pans in an then shows him watching Yami Yuugi on his computer [must be one heck of a powerful transmitter to send image that far into the woods] Jeek's gives Yami Yuugi's resume, saying he's the one who defeated Kaiba. He gives a little speech as he plays with his white rose. His butler enters, followed by some of his maids who take off his bathrobe and dress him in this purple suit. He walks out past a line of chanting Robo!Maids to where a plane is waiting.

Back to Kaiba Land America where the computer decides Yami Yuugi's posturing means he's done and declares it's turn. Plays Cost Down and summons a pegasus card and sets a trap. Pegasus attacks, destroys the defence monster. It's effect kicks in that even when attacking a def monster, it does LP damage and the comp can draw a card now that it has done said damage. Trap kicks in and Yami Yuugi has to discard. Duel computer direct attacks, Anzu cries out Yuugi's name in concern. Honda has a spaz, Jouno assure him Yuugi'll be fine, comp orders Yami Yuugi to discard while the camera pans over the crying kids [and Leon and the boys who are not crying.] Computer ends turn.

Rick comments that his deck is crappy, and Yami Yuugi pulls a 'believe in your deck/cards' speech and something about his and Yuugi's card and draws. Gets Dragon Treasure. Plays it and Sapphire dragon and attacks the pegasus card and nukes it. Jouno cheers and Honda makes commentary while the kids [camera on Leon] are all 'Wow, so cool!' With a dramatic wave, Yami Yuugi ends his turn. Computer draws, summons Newt with has a lower attack then the souped up dragon. Jouno goes WTF, Honda comments that the computer screwed up, but Rebecca says no. Newt attacks, is nuked, effect lowers dragons attack and then the compy's other card nukes it. Yami Yuugi discards and is now at 500 lp.

Honda comments that it's not good, and Otogi comments about the impressiveness of the compy's level. Honda starts to throttle him and they argue. One of the girls tugs at Anzu and asks if they'll be able to get out [most the kids are crying again]. Anzu assure her they will and not to worry, then tells Otogi and Honda to cut it out [rather politely and calmly for Anzu. O.o] Honda and Otogi separate, embarrassed, and apologize. Pan to Leon.

Yami Yuugi draws, summons a high defence dragon. Jouno and Rebecca are happy. Yami Yuugi ends turn.

Computer draws. Summons Jinzo - Psycho Shocker.

Jouno has a 'Dude!' moment and Mokuba points out that the computer has the data from all the best duelists.

Pyscho Shocker attacks, nukes dragon.

Yami Yuugi's turn He draws and stares at the card. "Bonkotsu no iji' [Iji meaning will power, and ya'll should know what Bonkotsu means. ] This is the mystery card Yuugi gave to the kid. [this is also a card from Jouno's 2nd structure deck. *smirks*]

Rick blinks at the card and Yami Yuugi gives him a mini speech about his feelings in his deck blahblah.

Yami Yuugi summons Baby Dragon in defence and plays Bonkotsu no iji commenting that it's his key card.

Eye catch!

Jounouchi: "Bo--Bonkotsu, did he say?!"

Everyone else giggles and makes mild commentary.

Yami Yuugi ends turn. computer goes and summons a low attack monster. Baby Dragon gets toasted, Killer snake direct attacks.

Yami Yuugi's turn. He draws, activating the Bonkotsu card which lets him draw again when he draws a normal, non effect, non ritual cards. He pulls Curse of Dragon, followed by five others and drama summons them all as the group watching on with slack jaws [expect for Anzu who randomly looks pissed]

Yami Yuugi gets and summons Spirit Dragon and has it attack. Scarifies all 6 dragons in his and to raise the attack to 7000. Computer is toasted and the lights come on and the doors open.

The kids cheer with a 'That's just what's expect from Yuugi-san!' from Leon. General 'That's great!' from Jounouchi and co. Rick bounds down from the platform. Yami Yuugi give the deck back with another mini speech. Rick is mobbed by kids saying his deck is cool. Yuugi comes out in the shadows and he and Yami Yuugi smile at each other.

Pan on Jeek's plane where he's still watching the scene [there must be cameras everywhere...] He also says 'That's to be expected from the one who beat Kaiba'

Everyone exits the dueling dome. Rick thanks Yami Yuugi before running off to tell his parents.

Jouno looks over at Yuugi with this eye and asks him something about the bonkotsu card. Yami Yuugi goes 'aaaa...' squirming almost, and goes 'Hold on a second' and then switches Yuugi back into control. Yuugi goes 'Eh?!' and blushes before spazzing at Yami Yuugi. Jouno pounces on Yuugi, gets him in a head lock and asks him more or less if he also thinks he's a bonkotsu. Yuugi says it's not like that but the magic card does a little bit remind him of Jounouchi. Jouno goes 'Eeeh?' and Honda cracks a joke at him and Jouno spazes.

Helicopter lands and Kaiba exists with a "Mokuba!" getting a "Niisama!" in response. Kaiba asks if he's okay and Mokuba nods. Yuugitachi runs over and Jouno yells at Kaiba saying his dueling machine screwed up [blaming Kaiba for it] Kaiba calls him Bonkotsu and everyone chuckles, causing Jouno to glare at them. Kaiba says it wasn't his fault the comp went crazy, someone hacked into his system.

Mokuba is concerned and Kaiba tells him not to worry, he's working on it. He then talks about the KC grand prix and tells his head flunky to get started on it. He tells the group more or less to do what they like and tells Mokuba to wait for him afterwards. Jouno spazes.

Scene change, night, outside Hotel Kaiba. Camera goes inside to show people in fancy wear and then shows the group entering a ballroom, led by Mokuba.

Yuugi comments in amazement that it's full of people and Mokuba comments 'of course' saying it's sponsored by Kaiba corp. and points out the cameras. Honda immediately gets up in one and waves to Shizuka. Jounouchi attacks him and also does a shout out to Shizuka. Otogi walks in front of them both and says they look like children.

Rebecca's at the food table and gets bumped into by a Chinese girl who yells at her to watch out. Rebecca grrs back at her. Anzu asks what happened, Rebecca grrs at the Chinese girl who give a fangirl squeal and runs past them both and grabs hold of Yuugi's hands.

"You're Yuugi Mutou, right?" Yuugi nods. "I thought so, I'm so happy!" Rebecca scowls. Chinese girl introduces her self as Vivian Mo and winks at Yuugi who blushes. Vivian then glomps and nuzzles Yuugi making Anzu and Rebecca freak and Jouno and Honda cheer Yuugi on. Rebecca and Anzu stalk over and Rebecca demands Vivian let go of 'her darling' Vivian doesn't even notice, having spotted 'Kaiba-saichou' and bounds off after him, leaving the group sweatdropping behind.

Leon hails Yuugi, Yuugi asks why he's there and he very embarrassedly says he's part of the grand prix and says he's very happy to be there and hopes he gets to duel Yuugi. Yuugi wishes him luck.

Jeek's feet enter.

Pan up on Kaiba being rather pissed that the last duelist hasn't shown up yet.

Jeek calmly walks over to where Kaiba's spazzing, sniffing his rose of the moment.

Kaiba says 'Start without the last duelist'

Jeek intros himself as what sounds like Jiikuroid with much drama. We finally see Jeek's face. Kaiba snips at him for being late and tells his flunky to start.

Flunky does the general intro and we get to see all the duelists for this tourney.

Leon is introduced as a boy genius and gives a small laugh and waves to everyone [surprised reactions from Yami Yuugi and Jounouchi.]

Next we have someone who looks like a Ghouls member with a crystal ball Fortune Siam

Cowboy: Ethan Johnson

Strong man: Sergei Iwanoff [possibly Romanov?]

Guy who looks like Sherlock Homes: Paul McGregor

Guy who has and acts like a monkey: Abe

Surgeon who came ready to cut and with two nurses: Dr Richard Goat.

Kid who read too much Harry Potter: 'Magic Master' Barry Ginger

Master of Illusion/Stage Magican: Masori Yuujou [??]

Street Fighter [that's what he's introed as]: Jason Shark

Stereotypical Indian looking guy: Jafar Shin

Chinagirl: "The elegant flower," Vivian Wong

American Champ: Rebecca [Brief eye glint glare between Rebecca and Vivian]

Battle City best 4, burning duelist: 'Bonkotsu' Jounouchi Katsuya [yes, Kaiba has Isano say that.  Jouno falls over spazzing 'Who's a Bonkotsu, huh?!'

Mystery 'Legendary' Duelist: Mask the Rock [VERY obviously Jiichan in a mask. Camera shows Yuugi separating from Yami Yuugi with this 'You have got to be kidding me' look going "No it can't be..."]

European something or other : Jiikuroid (Jeke Llyod?) [Jeek tosses his rose to the side and the fangirls squeal. Kaiba gives his best 'Not impressed' look and goes 'hnn.' in disdain'

Battle City Winner: Mutou Yuugi [many titles follow and he's named reigning champion, much to his shock]

Isano says the computer will randomly chose opponents and the cameras flash.


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