Title: Maboroshi no ENSHENTO DORAGON

Translation:   Legendary Ancient Dragon

Major event/duel:  Jounouchi beats Mask the Rock

In Brief:  After Mask the Rock comes out with a power monster with rebirth capabilities, Jounouchi manages to defeat him after remembering that Duel Monsters is supose to be fun


Start, camera pans to show the dueling field as birds dramatically fly away. Jounouchi declares his turn and draws. Summons Goblin Attack Force and orders it to attack, Soguroku activates his trap card: Riddle of the Sphinx [Ordeal of the Traveler in the English] When a player attacks, they have to guess if the card the opponent is holding is magic, trap or monster. If they guess wrong, the monster is returned to their hand.  Soguroku declares his hand is one card and tells Jounouchi to guess. Jounouchi concentrates and nearly tares his hair out trying to figure what the card is.   Soguroku tells him to hurry up and Jounouchi tells him to be quiet before guessing Magic.

Soguroku goes 'aaaaaaant' and shows the monster card. Jounouchi laments and the goblin attack force retreats back into the card, which Jounouchi removes from his disc.  Soguroku makes a comment about Jounouchi relying on luck. Jounouchi snaps back that he's the real thing [and not just someone who relys on luck] and the assembled group wonders about Jounouchi's chances now that he has no monster on his field. Jounouchi sets a magic/trap and ends his turn.

Soguroku draws and is happy with his card.  He direct attacks. Jounouchi opens his reversed card to activate Scapegoat.  Jounouchi again insists he's not a luck duelist and Soguroku wonders if he's a duelist of the head [mind] and reminds him the trap he played was permanent. Jounouchi has a mild spaz, but remembers Soguroku only has two cards and he knows what one of them is.

Soguroku plays a permanent magic card [inishia no shoumotsu] from his hand and Jounouchi rejoices, knowing what the other card in Sugoroku's hand is, Killer Snake.  Soguroku chuckles and says the effect of the card he played is to take a card from the top of his deck and swap it with one from his hand. Jounouchi has a spaz and Soguroku waggles his finger at him before switching all his monsters to defence and ending his turn.  The key in the door turns partly and Soguroku looses 1000 lp, bringing him back down to 4000. Yami Yuugi comes out in 'spirit form' and explains why Sugoroku's LPs went down [something to do with putting the monsters in defence.]

Jounouchi swears, declares his turn and draws. He debates his next move. He summons Goblin attack force and ends his turn. Soguroku laughs.

Commentary from the group on the duel again. Yuugi notices that Prof Hopkins with watching with shinning eyes.

Scene change to show the Blue Eyes water coaster hitting the water, sending a wave over Dr. Goat who gives a muffled scream as his lifepoints drop. He collapses dramatically and his nurses step closer. One of them records the time on her watch.  Leon is announced as the winner as the Dr. is wheeled away in a stretcher by his nurses who tell him to hang in there. Leon watches them go by and blinks.

Scene change, slowly panning down from the sky to show two cloaked figures on the road hobbling along with walking sticks. Pan in briefly before panning back to show them approaching the gate to Kaiba land. Pan back on the pair to show a very worn out looking Haga and Ryuuzaki who fall to their knees with water fall tears. Ryuuzaki gives an exclamation of relief. Pan to show the 'Kaiba Land USA' sign as Haga says "it's not a dream, it's not an illusion! It's the real Kaiba land!'  The pair pep each other saying they'll finally find Yuugi and Jounouchi and restore their pride.

Back to Jounouchi vs Mask the Rock. He draws and uses the effect of Inishia no shomotsu to put a card in the graveyard, and discards the Killer Snake. When put in the graveyard, the effect of Killer Snake starts and it returns to his hand.

Jounouchi twitches and spazes.

Soguroku comments that Jounouchi might as well stop fighting because all he's talking about is 'winwinwin' where as he's slowly building his treasure. Jounouchi goes 'Huh?' and Soguroku talks about his legendary dragon that his city will summon. Jounouchi asks what he's talking about. Soguroku explains that the ancient city's doors will open and the dragon will be called forth when the key is turned.

Yami Yuugi makes a sound of understanding and it's explained that every time Sugoroku's monsters change from attack to defend, the key turns, which Soguroku demonstrates by changing his monsters positions again and then activates Inishiya no kagi. Everything he has on the field starts to glow golden as he explains. The key finishes turning and the door is unlocked and opens and the dragon begins to emerge as every one stares, most making sounds of awe [Prof. Hopkins looks smugly amused.]

The book and monsters of the field break apart and vanish and the dragon emerges with a roar.  Prof Hopkins makes and impressed 'Ooooh' as everyone else gaps. Yami Yuugi says that this was 'Sogoroku no jiisan's' treasure.

Sugoroku asks if Jounouchi is impressed. Everyone else seems to be.

Prof Hopkins walks over to talk to Yuugi, commenting on Sugoroku calling the dragon before pulling out his deck to show a copy of the card. He then talks some about the pieces you need to call the dragon, calling it a dream card and then says how he also was trying to get the cards to call it, but he didn't have 'Inishiya no tobira'

Flashback to Sugoroku calling Prof. Hopkins from the airport and boasting about finding the card and having all of the cards for it and how he couldn't wait to see everyone's faces.

Prof. Hopkins then talks about how Sugoroku plays because he loves the game and the cards.  Anzu comments that Sugoroku is like a kid and Yuugi agrees. Prof Hopkins says that's not a bad thing and comments that Duel Monsters is a game and everyone shouldn't lose site of their inner child [more or less] because the game is fun.   Yuugi goes "Fun...? and then grins in realization.


Pan down to show the Legendary Dragon and Sugoroku asks Jounouchi what he thinks of his treasure. Jounouchi snorts and makes a comment of disdain. Sugoroku comments that Jounouchi is a poor man, Jounouchi goes 'huh?' and Sugoroku declares he's going to show off his treasure and has the dragon attack. It nukes the Goblin attack force and the scapegoat tokens.  Jounouchi gasps and Sugoroku explains Legendary Dragon's special ability. It can destroy any defence monsters when it destroys a monster [?] Jounouchi swears and Sugoroku chuckles.  Jounouchi thinks 'This isn't a joke. At this place.. by this mask-jerk--  I-- one more time-- with Yuugi...!'  He turns and looks at Yuugi who smiles and tells him that duels are fun and that he should enjoy them. Jounouchi looks a little surprised. "But-- I--"  Honda joins in the pep talk saying it doesn't matter if he wins or loses this tournament. Mokuba demands to know what Honda means by that. Anzu tells Jounouchi to take it easy [more or less]  Jounouchi: "Everyone...."

He turns, hearing a sound and sees Sugoroku is crying, wiping his eyes. "Yuugi... everyone... you're such nice people..."

Jounouchi gets pissed and demands to know why he's crying. Sugoroku wipes his eyes and puts his hanky way.

Jounouchi comments about seeing about the duel being fun and Prof Hopkins calls "That's it, Jounouchi-kun! Have fun! I'm also going to have fun. Do your best, Mask the Rock!"

Jounouchi nearly falls over and has a spaz at him.

Sugoroku gives a enthusiastic exclamation and Jounouchi says "Let's go, Mask no yarou!" [more or less 'you masked jerk']   Sugoroku: 'Bring it on!'

Jounouchi draws and gets Gilford the Lightning, then plays a magic card from his hand: Unmei no hosatsuso (??) that allows him to roll a dice and then draw as many cards as the number that shows. Sugoroku activates Legendary Gambler but only gets 3 to Jounouchi's 4, so Jounouchi draws. He looks at his cards and grins, laughing. He then starts another magic card 'Shuketsu Landstar tensai' which lets him special summon any 3 star or less card with 'Landstar' in it's name to the field from his hand. He has 3 and summons them and then sacrifices them to summon Gilford the Lightning. He uses the effect 'Lightning Thunder' [when the card is summoned by sacrificing 3 monsters, it can destroy all monsters on the opponents side of the field] to destroy the Legendary Dragon and then directly attacks. Sugoroku holds up his card and says he has to guess what it is [because of Riddle of the Spinx]  Jounouchi says 'that's easy. It's a monster card' Sugoroku shows it and it's Killer Snake, so the attack goes through.

Jounouchi ends his turn, but Sugoroku chuckles. The doors open and the Legendary dragon emerges again. Sugoroku says the Ancient City's effect has started, saying that the dragon can be special summoned back from the graveyard and says you can't defeat it by fighting.

Jounouchi says "Interesting!" and is very enthused.

Sugoroku's turn. He draws then attacks Gilford with the Dragon. Both are destroyed, but the Dragon returns at the end of Sugoroku's turn.

Jounouchi sighs, but again says it's interesting and is still revved.

He draws and starts Pot of Greed and gets Hurricane and gets an idea. He also gets 'Buried too soon' [?] and puts together a plan.

Honda yells at him and Jounouchi tells him to shut up. He turns and addresses Sugoroku "Mask no yaro-- no, Mask the Rock--" and says the duel's been fun and how he'd forgotten how it could be, but that he was going to win. He starts Buried too soon and revives Goblin attack force, then starts Hurricane and clears all magic and trap cards from the field back to the players hands. Sugoroku is dismayed.  Mokuba exclaims how he gets it and the Dragon can't revive again now. Jounouchi says he's not done yet and plays Buried too soon, bringing back Gilford, which he attacks the Dragon with. They destroy each other and Jounouchi direct attacks with Goblin attack force. Sugoroku is defeated.

Anzu: "Jounochi..." Honda: "Used his head and won!"

The group runs over to Sugoroku. Jounouchi helps him up, saying it was an interesting duel. Sugoroku laughs, and then takes off his mask. Jounouchi freaks, not having realized it was Sugoroku [everyone else gives 'eheheee' smiles] Sugoroku smiles at everyone and says it's him, Yuugi and Anzu: 'eh-ehehheh... *Sweatdrop*'

Jounouchi: You were you the bad guy? I didn't realize!

Sugoroku laughs and agrees.  Jounouchi asks why he was there and he replies it was for Jounouchi.  Jounouchi: "For me?"   Sugoroku says something about wanting to test him as his teacher.  Jounouchi asks how he did, and is told he passed.  Mokuba doesn't look impressed, wanting to know what that ment. [he wanted to know what the heck Jounouchi passed(Nani wa gokaku?[What did he pass exactly?])] Commentary from the group and Yami Yuugi says 'You get it, right?' to Yuugi, who nods and says having fun should be priority. Camera pans up and fades out.

[Thanks to Kiita for correcting.]


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