Mazaki Anzu
Birthday: 8/18   /   Second Year in High school
Height: 165cm  /   Weight:  47kg  /  Blood type: O
Loved food: Ramen /  Hated food: Tororo (grated yam)



Honda Hiroto
Birthday: 4/19  / Second Year in High School
Height: 180cm / Weight: 65kg / Blood type: A
Liked food: Okonomiyaki (savoury pancake with various ingredients)
Hated food: Natto (fermented soybeans)


"First day transfered in, the fanclub forms!"
Bakura Ryou
Birthday: 9/2 / Second Year High School
Height: 176 cm  / Weight 52kg / Blood type: AB
Liked food: Cream puff  / Hated food: Raw Oyster

Bakura's younger sister?

Who is "Bakura Amane"?

Riddle of existance, "Amane"...
The truth is, she's Bakura's younger sister! But it is a regretable thing, because of a car accident, Amane has left this world. The letter(s) Bakura writes are to reach Amane in Heaven.


Lurking in the Sennen Ring with wicked intent
Yami Bakura


Young "genius" game inventor
Otogi Ryuuji
Birthday: 2/28  / 2nd year High School
Height: 179 cm  / Weight:  64 kg / Blood type: B
Liked food: Chinese Food / Hated food: Vinegary things

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