Stormy Seas Give Birth to the Duelist of the Ocean
Kajiki Ryouta
Birthday: 3/1  / 19 years old
Height: 178cm  /   Weight:  68kg  /  Blood type: B
Loved food: Fish /  Hated food: Shiitake



Insect Duelest Champion from Japan
Insector Haga
Birthday: 7/21  / 14 years old
Height: 162cm / Weight: 51kg / Blood type: A
Liked food: HACHI no ko / Hated food: Meat
Channeling Duelist?!
Esper Roba
Birthday: 4/1
17 years old
Height: 172cm
Weight: 48kg
 Blood type: A
Liked food: Pizza
Hated food: Umeboshi (dried plum)



Poor luck, 2nd ranked from Japan
Dinosaur Ryuuzaki
Birthday: 12/29 /15 years old
Height: 165 cm  / Weight 52kg / Blood type: 0
Liked food: Octopus dumplings / Hated food: Green pepper
Eerie youngster
Ghost Kotsuzuka



Man with the name "Theif"
Bandit Keith
Birthday: 8/12  / 26 Years old
Height: 190 cm  / Weight:  85 kg / Blood type: O
Liked food: Steak  /  Hated food: Sushi



Genius Game Designer
Pegasus J Crawford
Birthday: 10/8  / 24 years old
Height: 188cm  /   Weight:  65kg  /  Blood type: A
Loved food: Wine and Gorgonzla Cheese /  Hated food: Squid


Lover: Cinda's Death

At the young age of 17, the lovely girl Cinda left this world.  Pegasus vowed his life to fit the relationship



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