Cursed blood relative's servant


To hunt Yuugi with the Ghouls!
Malik Ishtar
Birthday: 12/23  / 16 years old
Height: 180cm / Weight: 55kg / Blood type: B
Liked food: KOSHARI (Egypian Food) / Hated food: Meat
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The dark personality of Destruction and Chaos
Yami Malik



To forsee the darkness, the preistess of the Gravekeepers
Isis Ishtar
Birthday: 4/5 /20 years old
Height: 167 cm  / Weight 43kg / Blood type: 0
Liked food: OMAARI (Egyptian food)  / Hated food: Meat



To call the riddle of riddles, the grave Keeper's blood relative

Yami Bakura
When the fact where Shadi, 5 years ago, had appeared before the Pegasus becomes clear, Yami Bakura even could not hide his suprise. As for the meaning...?

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