Image update

2 new Jounouchi galleries and 5 new group galleries. 

Some of you may have noticed the newer images now have watermarks of the Sennen Ring on em. Various reasons for this, alot of it being people who are taking advantage of the free use policy and not bothering to link back or just not caring. Doing my best to make it unobtrusive and to keep it out of the way of the 'action' of the image. Default position is the bottom right corner unless it's going to be covering something and then it'll be in one of the other corners. The mark is currently 47x39 pixles and a 30% transparancy [some caps it's larger and stronger from when I was first using it. DEcided it was too strong so edited it for the newer ones.]

The full sized versions are still watermark free, as people who request them are not the people who tend to abuse the site like that.

The next ep I cap will probally be 93 or later cause I'm just not intrested enough in YMalik vs Mai to cap it, and I'm rather far behind capping anyway. Similarly, not going to do too much capping of the Noa arc. Mostly going to cap the Kaiba flashback sections and similar because the Big Five dueling parts just kinda put me to sleep.

Also, if someone wishes to be very kind to me, I am currently too broke to get the latest manga. Any help in that are would be greatly appreciated.

New BS caps! Finaly!

Finaly got around to capping ep 88 and 89. Processing em at the moment, but currently have finished a massive update to Malik's galleries. Galleries have been reformated [split between Battle City and Battle ship] with over 100 new images added. More updates in Images to come with in the week. 

Latest Ep update

Capped and uploaded images from eps 191 and 192. Also redid the caps of the 5th op so they're much better quality now. Enjoy!

Layout tweek

Fiddling with the layout for KnN. Expect some speedbumps.

First Series ep 22.

First series ep 22 capped and uploaded. The link to the Yami Malik clip SHOULD be fixed now.

Ever so belated, ep 190 is up.

Finaly got ep 190 capped and up. Enjoy.

AE and First Series.

First series ep 21 capped and uploaded, and for a short while the op and ed for season 5 are up for downloading, featureing the AE arc.

Scavanger hunt for a download.

Because so many people asked for clips, I've decided I'm going to start putting up one of the video clips in multimedia at a time, randomly rotateing them. Small catch: The video is password protected. But the username and password is on the site somewhere. Once you find it, it's not going to change, so no worries there. This is basicly so that people who actualy read stuff on the site can download it.

Planned for upcoming updates: Fanfic ['King, Queen, Knave' by Chris, 'Faery Dust' & 'Look the other way' by Pikachumaniac, 3 ficlets from JudyNFran]

Rishid and Jounouchi galleries updated!

Rishid's section now has 8 galleries, with more on the way when I get to capping the next ep. Two new Jounouchu BShip galleries added as well. Enjoy!

Planned for upcoming updates: Fanfic ['King, Queen, Knave' by Chris, 'Faery Dust' & 'Look theother way' by Pikachumaniac, 3 ficlets from JudyNFran]

Ep 189 and 190's preview

Caps from ep 189 [169 of em. @_@] and 190s preview are now up. And also capped the first two eps of Jounouchi vs Rishido from Battle Ship so hopefuly those'll be up soon.
Realized I never put up 188's summery last week, so put that up. [189's summery will be comeing sometime in the near future]

Planned for upcoming updates: Fanfic [King, Queen, Knave by Chris, two fics by Pikachumaniac, 3 ficlets from JudyNFran], Galleries [Rishid, Jounouchi, group]

Video update

Goodies program update mostly: Now added to video clips, First Series opening and ending themes and two clips. And in the non-goodies part of video clips, added in a new gag clip. :) Enjoy.

First Series Ep 16

Ep 16 of First Series is now up, thanks to Nina, who capped it for me. 

And coming soon to Goodies, First series ep clips, both audio and video! 

Galleries update!

Jounouchi gallery redo compleate and a bunch of new galleries added. Similarly Honda, Mai, Pegasus, Isis and Rishido galleries updated. Enjoy! 

188 Screencaps

Screecaps from ep 188 are now up, as is the preview for 189. Also uploaded new Items and Cards galleries and 2 new group galleries. Enjoy. 

187 Screencaps

Ep 187 now up in Latest Eps. Enjoy. 

Manga vol 16 + 188 preview

Due to a requst, 32 pages of manga 16 are up!

Also have caps of the preview for ep 188 up, thanks to Over Acheiver. Ep 187 caps and summery are coming soon. [and for those who missed, there's a summer of ep 186 in Latest Eps now.]

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