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No more tagboard

Due to problems with spam and annoying popups, the tagboard is being disabled.  Everyone can move to KnN Lite forums. There's no email verification and it allows guest posts

And people... please don't nag me about updating.  I'll get to it when I get to it, 'k? This is a non-profit fansite that I pay money to keep up.  Don't take advantage of me with it, 'k?

See ya on the lite form.

Vid clip of the month: First Series Jounouchi

Switched to the new clip of the month, First Series Jounouchi in Drag. Poll adjusted for it as well. 

Debating getting either the First series Thai VCDs or Boxs 7-10. Only have money for one [and probally not even that. >< I need a job...] Gonna open a poll for it. Currently leaning more for the 7-10 boxes so I can get 'real' caps for ep 199 *embarased* 

Updates in the works: Shizuka Gallery 5; Anzu gallery 19, Group - Doma 1
Latest Ep capped:  144

Fanworks update: White Angel

New chapter in White Angel's fanfic the New students has been posted. Enjoy!

UberUpdate part 5 - Kaiba

Finaly got to the Kaiba DT galleries. 17 galleries for Kaiba now up, concluding the UberUpdate.

Yuugiou Movie News

The 'Full' Yuugiou movie trailer is up at:
This trailer gives a little info on the movie and shows snips of alot of sceens. 

Vappa has posted screencaps of the trailer for those unable to download. 

UberUpdate part 4

Yuugi, DT 1-10, Mai 13, Rishid 16-17 & Mokuba 18-21.

Everyone give Juchan a big thank you for processing the images for this update for me, because Processing is the part that is no fun. It's taking the screencaps, resizing them, watermakring them and saving them at a quality where the image is still good but the file size is managable. Processing is why updating the galleries takes so long from when the caps are done.

Final image-uberupdate installment coming soon!

Update progress:
Kaiba: 292 images processed, awaiting html. 
Skins:  1 new Bakura skin by Fran awaiting uploading, many new skins by Judy awaiting html and uploading.

News: Un-cut Yuugiou release in the works from Funimation. Expected date: Oct 19

To everyone who has been giving their apreciation and suport after the last entry here: Thank you so much. You guys are the reason that KnN is still here.

Not really an update, just needs saying

All right, there has been a small rash of people requesting more images of certain characters. So, to save repetition and not abuse the tag board, I will state it all here:

Shizuka is a MINOR character. She gets VERY little screentime. Therefore, her gallery is going to be small. No amount of begging or whining can make her gallery large. The anime just doesn't allow for it. In fact, after ep 144, Shizuka is gone. You never see her again. So she is never going to have more then 6 galleries. Maybe 7 if I cap the heck out of 144, but it's not very likely.

Anzu: Trust me, I cap as much Anzu as I can as I feel she is a very under-appreciated character. Unfortunately, she very often falls into the abyss of supporting characters and does not get solo screentime very often. You got 2 new Anzu galleries this update. Be content and patient and her galleries will continue to slowly grow/

Bakura: I have come to the conclusion that the anime hates Bakura... Bakura and Yami Bakura are two of my favorite characters in Yuugiou so you can believe that I cap as much of them as I can [I mean.. 15 caps from one scene that was under 2 min! I capped every different frame that didn't look like utter garbage just to get that many. ><]  But the anime does not give them screentime. They aren't present for most of Duel Tower, Battle Ship or Battle City and in Doma they're utterly MIA.  So again, begging and whining will not help. There's just not any more images I CAN cap. Unless I go back and recap all of Duelist Kingdom [which I may do] but that's not going to get done til after I get Doma [and by then I may have enough money to get the newest DVDs so...]

As for Kaiba, Mokuba, Yami Yuugi & Yuugi: I'm still in the middle of processing the Uberupdate.  I have 290+ Kaiba images getting processed [and geeze people, Kaiba has a gallery of nearing 1000 images! Be satisfied!], 175 Yuugi & Yami Yuugi images, and 74 Mokuba images.

Be patient here. I do have other things I like to do besides working on the webpage all day. I do have a life [sorta] outside of this page. And I don't get paid for this.  You want more picts, faster updates and for me to work on this more, you need to give me more incentive. I am a broke former student trying to make it in the 'real' world. I still have 9 credits before I can even have a degree and I have been trying to find some form of stable work for a good 2 years now so I can go and finish college and not worry about not being able to pay the rent. I do not have the time to spend working on this page 8 hours a day. On a good day, I work 6-8 hours. On a bad day, I hunt for work. I do not live with my parents and I have bills to pay. And half the time I have to work on this page is spent dealing with people asking me for things. 

Just... Stop demanding so much of me and giving so little in return. Just a simple 'I appreciate your work' every now and then goes a long way, you know?

Uber Update Part 3 - Malik Galleries

20 new Malik galleries added. 

Clip of the Month Changed

Clip of the month in Multi Media is now First Series Bakura's First Appearance. That option has now been removed from the poll and replaced with the Yami Malik clip that was the previously available clip. 

For those wanting to see more First Series content on KnN: I am in the process of trying to scrape together money to get my own copy of the Thai dub for capping. The cost of this is about 45-50 bucks [no clue what shipping is going to be]  Being I am currently unemployed [*sighs*] I really can't afford to spend this money on it when I have bills I need to pay.

This is where you come in...

Yes, this is a shameless plea for donations. 

Help Fran get a cappable copy of First Series.

[Oh, and anyone who wants to buy my chinese versions of eps 3-7 [VCD, 'Round 3' - 'Round 7' One ep per disc. I was royally ripped off. ><] please email me]

UberUpdate - Installment 2

Jounouchi, DT 3-8; Anzu 17-18; Bakura DT-1; Honda 19; Isis 13-16 now uploaded. 

Caps: Over 11,000
Eps capped: 1-143; 183-202: 79%

UberUpdate - Installment 1

I have finished capping all of the Duel Tower arc [up to ep 143] and now will start processing these caps for the galleries.

First done and uploaded: Group: Duel Tower, galleries 4-25. Enjoy.

Movie promo

The Nabisco Ritz Bits mini site has a promo for the new Yuugiou movie at

So the movie is now very offical since they're starting advertising for it. 

Ep guide update

The Doma arc - 162-170 page has been updated with summeries for 164 -169. Will be trying to do more summeries as I watch the eps. 

Non-Image update

Updated the Fanworks area with new chapters of White Angels fic, 'The New Students'  and also redid the set up for the Ep guide [again] and added in the rest of the titles [minus a few I don't have the eps for]  Will be making the next section in there for the AE/Memory world arc soon. 

Also, a correction: Name previously thought ot be Rafael is actualy Rafel [RAFEERU] Anyone who spots the old spelling, email me so I can fix it. [this is what I get for not actualy paying attention when I watch things the first time]

Taking a break from the Latest Eps cause too much time and effort was going into it and the rest of teh site was suffering. I've capped eps 127-128 and should have those processed and up with in the week. [unless I hold on to em for anothercouple eps worth of capping]

Soon to come in fanworks: Art by Kiwi and fanfiction by Pikachumanic.

And the currently avilable clip will be changing soon. Looks like so far Bakura's first series entrance has been winning the vote. Once the new clip is up, the poll will be reset [and will include the Yami Malik clip instead of the first series Bakura clip.

And somehow we passed 250,000 hits when I wasn't payign attention. Ack.

Holy cow, info content updated! *gasp*

Ep guide has been updated for Doma and Kaiba Grand Prix. Mostly just ep titles and translations at this point. Will try and work on it more soon.

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