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In responce to a request in the guestbook, KnN now has a chatroom. Have fun with it.

Yu-Gi-Oh! dub news:  GX is going to be licenced by 4kids for 2005 broadcast.

And the fact that I spell it Yuugiou instead of Yu-Gi-Oh and Yuugi instead of Yugi is starting to cause relevancy problems. Meh. Still dub changing the spellings. And names. 

Updates planned:

Cards / Items - Redo and update
Kajiki, Haga and Jiichan pages - Redo and update
Rebecca page - Create
Anzu: update

Latest DK ep recapped: 10
Latest Doma ep capped: 158
Latest GX ep capped: 3

Partial Update - Continued

Continuing with the update, Yuugi galleries 6-9, Group Doma-11, Honda -20,  Mai 14-17 and Doma - 4 are uploaded. 

More to come soonish.

Latest DK ep recapped: 10
Latest Doma ep capped: 158
Latest GX ep capped: 3

Partial Update

In the middle of an update that's taking much longer then expected.

So far uploaded: New index/layout for the Jounouchi section and 2 Doma in that section.  Doma 3 is added, and Group-Doma 9 & 10.  Also added some to the Ep guide [mostly caps but a few ep summeries and breifs]  Have a few more galleries in process as I capped another 4 eps to catch up with where the US is in the dub.  Going to be fixing up some areas as well.

November's clip of the month will be the Fifth season opening. Keep an eye out for it soon. 

Appologies for slow and sporatic updating but things are getting crazy. I will be doing what I can but I'm only able to put in maybe a day or twos worth of work a week into KnN due to real life stuff.

Latest DK ep recapped: 10
Latest Doma ep capped: 154
Latest GX ep capped: 3

KnN No longer ad free

Had hoped I would beable to have KnN be compleatly ad free but...

I'm just too broke.

So, small, hopefuly unobstusive text ads will be appearing in various places on KnN. They will not appear in image galleries, and there will never be popup ads. These ads will be embeded either on the side [such as on this page] or bottom of the page as to cause the least amount of annoyance. 

Sorry, all, but KnN is costly to maintain.

Counter woes and GX

Know how I said I wasn't gonna cover GX?

So much for convictions, eh? ^^  It'll be linked into the main page soon.

Also, somehow, the counter reset on Sept 30th so I'm gonna try and estimate what it's at. @_@  I know we hit 400,000 at 8-23 so I'm gonna guess we're at 427,825. 

Duelist Kingdom recap is up to ep 10. I think my plan for that is going to be getting a decent amount of it capped before remaking the galleries.

Also working on making a desktop/wallpapers section. Please do not send submissions. 

Latest DK ep recapped: 10
Latest Doma ep capped: 150
Latest GX ep capped: 2

2nd half of the previous update

Yuugi: Doma 1-5, Doma 2, Pegausus 14 and Kaiba: Doma 1 now up. This will probally be the last Doma update for a few weeks til the dub catches up again so I can put some work into the DK recap.  Might be a Jounouchi Doma section up soon, have to check what's in the que to be processed.

At somepoint, Rebecca will be getting her own area, so the Others section will be redone when that happens. The individual members of Doma will continue to share their area cause it's just easier for me that way and there's an insane amount of character galleries up already. @_@

Also: the link to the clip of the month is fixed now. ^^ Sorry for not noticing it sooner.

Galleries update, news, blather

4 new Group : Doma galleries up. I appologize for the low quality for a few, the source was rather poor for eps 149 and 150.  Will be putting up new Yuugi galleries and probally a new Doma gallery as well in the next update.

The Latest Eps section is now closed. Content will remain up until those ep are capped properly and placed in their respective galleries. This won't be any time soon, so the caps will stay up for a while, most likely. If I have another space crunch, it'll be removed.

The Yuugiou anime in Japan is comeing to a close, the next ep most likely being the last and a new series, Yuugiou GX [GenX/Generation Next] is schecduled.  Don't expect KnN to cover much, if any of it as it's mostly about the card game.

Still planning to keeping a step ahead of the dub in capping (as I just capped 3 more eps, I've now got a 2 week lead. :) ) and since there has been a showing for the DK recap, I will be attempting that as well. 

Haveing money troubles again so not going to be getting new episodes for a while. I still have 25-30 eps left to cap so I'll be good for a while. Got ripped off last time I tried to get the new DVDs (was supose to get up to past 184 but only got to 178ish and it was real poor quailty. Like a bootleg of the Hong Kong version... which is kinda sad really.) so buyer beware on ebay. Their protection policys aren't good for oversees goods because it takes a month for them to reach you and by then, the protection coverage is moot.

Doma - Start!

New galleries:  Group/Doma and Doma up in Images. Going to be attempting to keep pace with the US dub. Again, no promices.

And because there's been more intrest in it then I had thought there would be, I am planning on going ahead with the Duelist Kingdom recap.  Keep an eyeout for it in later updates.

This months clip is going to be Yami Malik's Noa Arc rampage again, due to popular vote. Look for it soon.

Also, KnN won another award:

Note to people registering on the forum regular: PLEASE read the 'How to get your account activated' thread. Your account cannot be activated unless you email the admin!

Look ma! An update!

New Anzu gallery finaly uploaded. Congrats to Mama Magican for getting hit 400,000  @_@

Think I'm gonna try capping 145 today. No promices. 

And I beleive the latest eps section is officaly dead. The art for AE is getting to the point where the only caps I'd want to take are few and far in between.

Debating going back and redoing the Duelist Kingdom arc caps because I'm very unhappy with them and I like DK much more then I do Doma.  When the dub gets around to doing Doma, I may see if I can keep up with it, however, no promices again.

Updates & News

KnN's been nominated for an award, so if you want to go vote for it, go to

New clip of the month will be YB licking the Eye. Same UN and PW and all. Enjoy.

New chapter added to White Angel's 'New Students' and her page has been mildly rearaged so each fic has it's own page.

Finaly remembered I had a new [large] gallery of Cards to put up, so that's been added. Also fixed the links in the Items section there.

Shizuka's 5th and final gallery has also been uploaded.

Most of you have probally noticed the whole lack of real updates thing the past month and a half. To put it simply: I burnt out my brain doing the uber update. That plus lack of enthusism for much of anything [this happens every summer. It's chemical] and general discontent with the current anime has put a large damper on the whole wanting to work on the page thing. The people harassing me about not updating and doing the 'Get more picts of this chara!' also hasn't helped.

There's also the fact that I don't like the Doma arc. So I'm really no real rush to cap it. There's a few sceens in a couple eps that I know I will cap [once I remember which eps they are. The YY vs Yuugi ep was one of the few I liked so that'll most definatly be capped.]

I'm also going to be trying to go back and finish college this fall, so that'll take up time [specialy if I get work at the school which I very much need if I have even a hope of staying ontop of the bills. @_@]  So don't expect too many large updates for awhile, unless I hit another manic swing (and those don't tend to hit til late Sept/early Oct)

Oh yeah, and for those not in the know, the Yuugiou movie comes out Aug 13th [a friday. AMusment] I'll be seeing it probally the first showing with a friend so keep an eye on the foums for my review. Not expecting too much from it, but hey, I find the dub amusing, so... *smiles*

And it's taken me near an hour just to put this stuff up. Oi. I am so out of the swing of things.

[Random: Any Runescape players wanna bother me, UN is FranNyan. :)]


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